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Panel Discussions

Frequently Asked Questions

Retrogression is when there aren’t enough available visas for the number of applicants in a country or category.

The May 2023 Visa Bulletin retrogressed Philippines and Worldwide EB-3 to June 1, 2022 – meaning, unless the applicant has a priority date earlier than June 1, 2022, they will unfortunately not be able to proceed with a visa appointment until their priority date is met. It is expected that this June 1, 2022 date will not progress until at least October 1, 2023.

  1. Make sure you continue to complete your visa application requirements. Proceed in collecting all qualifying documents—OET or IELTS, NCLEX, and other visa screens. It is now more important than ever to complete this quickly to hold your place in the queue.
  2. Keep your skills current while you wait by continuing your education and/or furthering your clinical skills and experiences.
  3. IGHealth has partnerships with hospitals where other visa options might work for you. Contact your agency for more information.
  4. Be diligent with your information gathering to ensure the source is reliable. If you have any further questions, please direct them to your agency.

It is important to not slow down in submitting your visa application. By submitting your I-140 and associated paperwork you are securing your priority date. As retrogression progresses, you want to have the soonest priority date possible. Collect your documents to submit into the BlueDot portal for your application, continue pursuing your NCLEX, OET/IELTS and visa screens. The more original documents you have, the faster and easier the process can be. Lastly, be sure to tell your agency your full immigration and visa history up front. We are here to make things as easy as possible for you.

We are exploring the option of an H-1B visa. There are many requirements a U.S. hospital must meet to allow this type of visa. We will keep you updated as we finalize these details.

Contact your recruiter and your immigration team as soon as possible.

Premium processing never promises an approval under normal circumstances, but it is a great way to speed up the processing of the documentation needed to get to your interview for approval. Premium processing is a great option if the retrogression is a year a less, which is what we are seeing now, and what we are doing for our nurses.

  • Spouse / Dependent visa fees for H-1B or EB-3
  • Pet Fees (Transfer, health exams, vaccinations, etc.)
  • Spouse / Dependent flight and additional transportation fees
  • If housing with more than 2 bedrooms (5 people max) is required, additional cost will be incurred

No, the contract is 3 years (36 months).

No, transportation will be a luxury shuttle service company exclusive to IGH nurses or public transportation covered depending on location of apartment and hospital.

Yes! You should expect to be in Manila Monday – Friday for 16 weeks. There will be some virtual days, but most training will be in-person at the training facility for simulation labs/didactic experience. This is paid and IGH will provide funds for expenses.

Yes! After 90 days, we will file for your EB-3 Green Card I-140 petition and then your spouse will be able to apply for EAD to work after 2 months (approx. 5 months total).

Married spouse, children Under 21. Extended family would not be included, however could pursue a visitor visa.

We will provide you with a housing “menu” to review your options. You are not required to stay at our provided housing.

We understand things will happen, and we will help take care of you. In the case of a true emergency we will support you in returning to your home country. This will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

IGHealth will be your constant point of contact throughout the entire 3 years (and longer if you choose to stay). We will consistently have a 24/7 support person to help with housing, transportation, or any other life support you may need. We will be in touch with you at minimum weekly for timesheet support and monthly for performance reviews.

This department at MultiCare is specifically designated for nurses with a Bachelors Degree. Unit assignment will be determined approximately 60 days prior by MultiCare based on clinical competency during training. All nurses have a baseline of MedSurg and could be transitioned to another unit based on skill.

No, we do not pay shift differential during the contract duration.

The purpose of Grit Academy is to provide a focused environment for you to learn and grow, and we provide accommodations for you in order to facilitate your ability to be intentional with your training. While family members are free to visit, your hotel room is reserved for you alone. Your family is welcome to reserve and pay for a separate room should they want to remain in Manila with you.

No, you will need to take IELTS, OET, or TOEFL for WA license. PTE is ONLY for medical professionals traveling to the U.S. as a student to study at a university/college. The State Board of Nursing does not widely accept PTE for license endorsement.

We have two separate documents for you to sign based on how we are required to employ you. The “Offer Letter” has all the benefits/compensation listed and is an overview of what to expect coming to the U.S. with IGH. The “Contract Employee Agreement” (CEA) is a contract specific to your employment at the hospital facility which is not required to be signed until it is time to depart to the U.S. This is why it only covers pay rate and hospital information without the additional benefits we provide outside of the hospital. Both have been sent to you for visibility.

All employees in the United States are required to pay Federal Taxes which varies based on tax bracket. Washington State does not have a state tax. You will also have the ability to receive credit if you have dependents and other personal situations that would qualify you for certain exemptions. You should consult a tax professional while in the U.S. to help with your personal situation. You can expect approximately 20-25% of income to be taxed. Tax Withholding Estimator | Internal Revenue Service (irs.gov)

Absolutely! Upon completion of your 3 year contract, you will have the ability to convert to a permanent employee of the hospital based on performance. The unit, pay, and schedule may vary based on position you are hired into.

Your pay will remain the same as long as you stay in the System Resource Department during your contract. If you choose to move into another department the pay may change to reflect that unit’s pay as they vary based on acuity/specialty.

Cost will vary based on the insurance package you select and the number of dependents/spouse.

You are able to pick up additional shifts on a volunteer basis as they become available.

While on H-1B you will only be able to work for MultiCare. Once you have EB-3 you could pick up another part-time job, however we would recommend first trying to pick up additional shifts at MultiCare.

Cost of living varies depending on where in the area you live and what your preference is for housing. Rest assured, your highly competitive compensation package will ensure you are able to live comfortably in the area.

This will be based on your experience and your skills during the competency assessment at training. You will not be on a unit you do not have experience in. The baseline is Medical Surgical, however, if you have higher acuity experience you have the ability to test of out MedSurg and into another unit.

Yes! You can travel out of the country while on H-1B and EB-3 visa. You will need to have vacation approved by your hospital manager.

You will be given 60 hours of PTO per year along with an additional 40 hours of accrued sick time. This gives you 100 hours of time off that would be paid.

If you get an RFE, you may be alarmed at first, but this does not mean a denial of your case. An RFE is simply a request for more evidence in the consideration of your case and is expected in a fraction of all the cases we will file for this employment opportunity. An RFE likely has much more to do with the employment opportunity than it does with your personal information in these cases as well. We provide continued communication and support for those of our nurses who receive RFEs in their cases while our legal partners prepare and file their response. The RFE is only issued via snail mail and therefore it is common for it to take the USCIS 2-3 weeks to send the RFE and our office to receive it and analyze it.

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