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The Narrow Gate

Cohort 1 and PHL staff graduation from Grit Academy nursing program in the Philippines

Two weeks ago, our first 10 international nurses graduated from Grit Academy, our new facility in Manilla, Philippines. It’s a simulation lab and training center specially designed to train and upskill international nurses before they journey to the United States to work with our healthcare customers. These first 10 are now en route to Tacoma, Washington, and will start working onsite at MultiCare Hospital System in December. We’ll be there to greet them and their family when they arrive stateside. We’ll get them settled in their new community. Set them up in their new home, new bank accounts, new schools for their kids, local grocery stores, and even help them find places of worship. 45 more nurses have already started their training in Manilla this week. We’ll have over 200 more all trained and working in the state of Washington by the end of Q1 2024. We’ll eventually have over 1,000 nurses working for us here in the US. It’s taken a heroic effort by so many people in IGH, Legal, IT, and our amazing trainers in the Philippines. The work to get this done is hard, comes with risk, and it will continue.

So why do all of this? Why go to all this trouble? Simple. It’s what the industry needs. There are great problems to solve, and we are here to provide solutions.  Our healthcare customers are hurting for great talent that they can afford. Navigating immigration issues is nearly impossible these days.  But our team worked hard and found a path. It’s what our nurses need. The biggest reason international nursing doesn’t always work is due to a lack of belonging in a new world.  But we know about belonging at Insight Global (IG). And we’ll make sure they’re taken care of. #WeTakeCareofEachOther

This way is hard, but it’s good. That’s the way it goes with anything of significance. Many choose the safety of the wide gate. But the well-worn path of the broad road doesn’t always lead to what you want. Only a few have the will to find the narrow gate. The path others won’t take. The one that’s too hard. Too much uncertainty. Requires too much grit. I’m thankful that at our company, we aren’t afraid to take the narrow path.

 If you find yourself on that lonely and narrow path, good news, you’re headed in the right direction. And we got your back.

-Bert Bean, CEO

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