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Travel the world and work with a team of passionate, dedicated professionals at premier hospital facilities in the United States.

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What Makes Us Different

Whether you are a new graduate or experienced nurse, we offer an experience like no other. Additionally, our premium compensation packages are best in class. And our support team is here to help make your transition to the U.S. simpler. We’re dedicated to nurses that are dedicated to their patients.


Join us. We got your back.

How It Works

Ready For Your Next Adventure?

Our experienced team will be there to support you at every stage of the process, from your application through your arrival in the U.S. and even after you’ve started working. Enjoy fulfilling career opportunities with some of the nation’s most respected healthcare providers.

  • Apply

    Complete your application and one of our Staffing Partners will contact you to discuss your options.

  • Interview

    Meet with an IGHealth Account Executive for discussion on requirements and your experience.

  • Onboard

    Receive assistance with your VISA filing, get integrated into the hospital systems, and learn about what your life looks like in the U.S. when you arrive.

  • Transition to Practice

    Receive comprehensive training and study programs on the American Health System and practice to prepare you for what to expect.

Updated Visa Options Available

It’s important to understand that there are multiple visa options available to international nurses depending on your country and the type of hospital you will be employed at in the United States.

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The Narrow Gate

Two weeks ago, our first 10 international nurses graduated from Grit Academy, our new facility in Manilla, Philippines. It’s a simulation lab and training center specially designed to train and upskill international nurses before they journey to the United States to work with our healthcare customers. These first 10 are now en route to Tacoma,…

What Can I Expect When Arriving in the USA?

Moving to a new country can bring on a multitude of new emotions. It’s completely natural to feel excited, eager, anxious, or even stressed, but our mission at Insight Global Health is to be the company that leans in to eliminate, or at the very least, ease your worries. We want to link arms with…

Things to Do in Washington State

Throughout your employment with Insight Global Health (or IGHealth), your free time as a USRN has been highlighted and we encourage you to explore your new home. Staying active and learning your new environment will hopefully aid any feeling of homesickness and help you take care of your mental health. Below you will find some…

Planning for your Future with Insight Global Health

Throughout your employment process, Insight Global’s (IG) unmatched compensation package has been continuously highlighted. One of the many benefits we offer to you is a 401k retirement plan. Here you will find an explanation of what the plan entails and how it will benefit you.  401k Retirement Plan Explained IG offers two types of 401k…