Why Nurses Choose Us

Nurses Choose Us Because Of Our Mission

We were born from the idea that our company could be less about financial gain, and more about meaningful impact. The global nurse shortage is real. Financial stability is a challenge for many. Generational change should be expedited. Education and development of talent should improve as healthcare challenges develop. At Insight Global Health, we address these issues head-on. We aim to solve these issues. Here’s how:


  • Driving generational change for nurses and their families by connecting them with great opportunities and an experience like no other.
  • Preparing & educating nurses for their move abroad, in our Grit Academy Program.
  • Partnering with universities to develop/architect their educational content and training approaches.
  • Giving back to countries that lack access to healthcare.


Join us in our fight and be part of the solution. Be the light to the world around us.

Nurses Choose Us Because Of Our Support

Moving to another country is no small task, but IGHealth will guide you through. It’s important for you to be prepared and for your loved ones to be taken care of. We prioritize your financial freedom, your health, and the preservation of your culture.

While the unknown can be frustrating, we’re committed to you with a 24 hour, 1 day response. You’re going to have questions, but we will be here for you. Always.

International Nursing with Insight Global Health

Nurses Choose Us Because Of Our Approach

Our International Nursing Program offers a position in the United States on a three-year contract with Insight Global Health, a leading talent agency in the healthcare industry. The program includes:

  • Training and Education

    Training and Education

    Designed specifically for you. We offer clinician lead simulation training, cultural immersion courses, and clinical upskilling opportunities.

  • Immigration and Licensure Support

    Immigration and Licensure Support

    Our support team is unparalleled. We guide you every step of the way to reduce stress and ensure a smooth application and process.

  • Benefits


    You have the option to elect medical, dental, and vision insurance. We provide competitive salaries, 401k and so much more.

  • Transition Support

    Transition Support

    A dedicated team whose sole responsibility is to equip you with the knowledge for purchasing a home, navigating the American financial system, job support for your family, and so much more.

  • Premier Hospital Placements

    Premier Hospital Placements

    Top-tier hospitals that have been hand selected based on our shared values, incredible locations, and eclectic communities that ensure a good fit personally, professionally, and financially.

  • Ongoing Support

    Ongoing Support

    The support doesn’t end once you’ve started. We are there every step of the way. Challenges at work are inevitable, but we’ll be there to help guide, mentor, and provide continued education and mentorship in partnership with your hospital employer.

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Nurses Choose Us Because Family Matters

Considering becoming a USRN, but worried about leaving your family? With IGHealth you don’t have to! Our program provides housing assistance for you and your loved ones, making your journey overseas a little less scary.

What Makes Us, Us

  • Family Foundation

    We are a company that people can anchor to when unplanned events bring about a personal storm. We provide a financial lifeline and an open ear for those in need.

  • Diversity Council

    At Insight Global Health, everyone matters. We place a high value on diversity of thought, experience, and background. We are dedicated to inclusion because every story, every person, matters.

  • OneWorld Health

    OneWorld Health’s mission is to create a lasting healthcare impact in underserved communities in the world. As a partner, Insight Global has raised funds to build clinics in Uganda and Nicaragua and has a goal to help build 10 clinics by 2025.

Our Shared Values


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