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What Can I Expect When Arriving in the USA?

Mt. Rainier in Washington

Moving to a new country can bring on a multitude of new emotions. It’s completely natural to feel excited, eager, anxious, or even stressed, but our mission at Insight Global Health is to be the company that leans in to eliminate, or at the very least, ease your worries. We want to link arms with you and support you like a family would. We are in this for the long haul, and we’re not going anywhere.

Here are just a few ways in which we are passionate about supporting you:

  • Our Experience Team will have many conversations with you before deployment to walk you through what things should be taken care of before you leave your current country and what you can expect upon arrival in the U.S.
  • We will be there as you plan your travel across the world to ensure everything makes sense and that you’re able to get here comfortably (with the right things packed in your luggage).
  • We will provide 2 months of paid, fully-furnished housing, as well as a concierge service to assist you as you begin looking for and securing housing accommodations that fit your long-term lifestyle and needs.
  • We have created content for you with instructions on how to do the most time-sensitive things like getting your social security card and setting up your bank account, as well as resources for grocery stores, restaurants, banks and so much more. Our content also includes information about community involvement and access to various local events and partnerships.
  • We will work with you as you begin working at MultiCare to ensure you are satisfied with both your performance at work and the experience you are having on site.
  • We will provide continuing education once placed to elevate your skills and ability to flourish in your career.


We won’t pretend to know everything that is important to you, but we do promise to listen and learn the things that matter. We will start the conversation, and we are relying on you to continue it. Share your thoughts and concerns, and please share where you need us to step in so that you can feel even more confident that your decision to come to the U.S. was the right one. In the weeks and months ahead, we will be reaching out for 1:1 conversations to learn more about each of you!

Beautiful lake with mountains in the background in Washington state

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